Astronauts and Drillers: From Armageddon to Content Marketing

Today’s marketing managers understand that creating content is key for driving inbound sales. What most of them don’t realise is that there’s a goldmine of content right under their noses.

Do you remember the movie Armageddon? Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck and THAT Aerosmith song?

The premise is there’s a huge asteroid headed for Earth and it’s going to destroy the planet. To avoid disaster a plan is drawn up to land some people on the asteroid, drill a hole in it, and detonate a nuclear weapon deep inside. So far, so simple!

Here’s the curious part. It’s decided that the people best qualified for this job, the guys who are going to save the world, are a motley crew of deep sea oil drillers. What? Yes, that’s right, with a little over two weeks to save humanity Earth decides to teach a ragtag team of oilmen how to fly into space. Training to become an astronaut would appear to be a whole lot easier than learning how to drill a hole in a rock.

“Ok, fine. But, it’s just a silly Hollywood blockbuster. What does this have to do with creating content?”

Well, content creation has become a vital part of inbound sales strategy. However, making good content isn’t all that easy. Creating great stuff is time consuming and it requires a range of skills and expertise. It’s no surprise that businesses turn to professional content creators to provide them with the material to drive those inbound leads.

But are content marketers the best people to create your blogs, ebooks and whitepapers? A content marketer could be writing about lasers on Monday, biotech on Tuesday and renewable energy on Wednesday. This person is a driller pretending to be different type of astronaut every day of the week!

Marketing managers need to realise that they are already surrounded by astronauts. The expertise required to create valuable content is all around them. Colleagues have a wealth of knowledge and insight that a content marketer will never be able to match by googling for a few hours. Your technical departments are a gold mine of information just waiting to be shared online. They just need to pick up a pen.

“Marketing managers need to realise that they are already surrounded by astronauts.

The fundamentals of writing short blog posts are not difficult to learn. Send your experts to a writing seminar, put them on a short blogging course, get them collaborating with your marketing people. Teach them how to drill.

In the future creating content will become part of the job description for the professionals in your business. Invest in their abilities. Give them the time, space and encouragement to learn those drilling skills. Waiting for a writer to launch you into space might take a while.

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