Lo-Fi Content Hacks for Distributed Teams

Inbound content is more important than ever. Marketing people all over the world have suddenly being asked to make the overnight switch to 100% digital. Setting up your new digital marketing pipelines might take a while, so here’s a few lo-fi content hacks to keep your social media accounts active in the short term. 

Press Gang Your Experts.

Find out who the potential bloggers are in your engineering team - you could be sitting on a goldmine of valuable content. In the current climate a lot of your technical experts might be underemployed. Sound out the ones with literary ambitions and ask them to write a blog post. 

They might not be especially strong as writers, but they have specialist knowledge that can be turned into valuable content. Give them guidance on how to commit some of their expertise to paper by suggesting titles and outlines for them. Once they’ve got their thoughts written in a doc edit the final copy so that it’s optimized for sharing on social media. We already posted our own blog on how to do this. Fans of the movie Armageddon should look away now. 

Repurpose Existing Content.

Don’t undervalue your old content by assuming it’s throwaway or disposable. There are lots of ways of repurposing existing marketing material. Use your analytics to find out which blog posts were particularly successful and repost them across your social media with updated hashtags. Revisit blogs that weren’t quite so successful and reframe them with a different title and kicker to see if they improve. Use the time to experiment and see what works. 

Have you any old white papers? See if there’s a way of chopping them into a series of blogs on a particular topic. Alternatively, if you have a series of blogs on a particular topic see if there’s a way of combining them into a white paper. In both cases this should be little more than an exercise in copyediting. 

Dig out your old slide decks. Did anyone on the team deliver a great keynote recently? These can also be used as the basis for a blog post or something more longform. If there’s video/audio of the talk then even better. It could be as easy as simply transcribing what was said. Bosh - all of a sudden you’ve got yourself a white paper. 

Experiment With Low-Fi Video.

There’s never been a better time to experiment with your own video production. Use your device to record a demo or broadcast a livestream or podcast. Homemade, lo-fi videos can’t help but be anything other than completely original and authentic. Remember, everyone is having to adapt right now, so don’t worry about low production values - no one is going to judge you for that. Be true to your values and you’ll do just fine. 

Use DIY Marketing Tools. 

As a creative agency we produce original assets using Creative Cloud. It’s a time consuming process that requires a lot of technical skill and creative talent. But there are easy to use alternatives for marketers who need to find a way of creating their own campaigns from scratch. Use a tool like Canva to create your layouts and populate them with free stock imagery from sites like Pixabay and Pexels.

Creative Partnerships

Not every transaction has to involve lots of money. Pool the skills and expertise within your network. It might be that you can trade design for copy or vice versa. Put the word out on social media or approach freelancers on sites like Upwork. Be open about what you can offer and what you’re looking for in return. Networking is always a good idea - you never know what can result from new partnerships.

Did we miss anything? Let us know! Also, feel free to share your DIY content hacks with us on social media. And if you need some extra help, let us know. 


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