We work closely with the Praqma marketing team to deliver Creativity as a Service (CaaS).

Praqma was one of the earliest practitioners and advocates of DevOps and Continuous Delivery in Scandinavia. When they reached a crucial point in their growth it was time to re-evaluate their branding and marketing strategies.

That’s where we stepped in. Phable has been working with Praqma for the last three years to provide all of their design requirements, including the fully rebranded website you see today. We always look to collaborate using our customer's tools of choice and in this case that meant working alongside the Praqma team on their new static build website in GitHub.

Meanwhile, our comprehensive slide decks and templates have enabled Praqma personnel to become brand ambassadors at events all over Europe, sharing their knowledge of CI/CD and DevOps with consistent company branding and messaging.

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